Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Mickey Cookie Cutter and Silicone Pancake Mold

Cheap souvenir alert! I picked up these babies on our last trip to the World and they have gotten so much use since! If you are looking to pick up a little memento on a few bucks, these are it. In the last few months, I have used these to make pancakes, cookies, Rice Krispies Treats, and eggs, just to name a few. And my favorite part is that I use them to create treats that bring me right back to Disney... they're the mementos that keeps on making magic!

The pancake silicone mold takes a little practice...and in retrospect, I would have picked up more than one since you need to leave the mold on for quite some time to allow the pancake to set up. Even though it's just my husband and I right now, a rate of one pancake at a time is a little slow! Even still, it works like a charm and at only $6.95 it was worth the price!

Now the small metal mold with handle is the most versatile out of the two.... I've made pancakes in this one as well and they turn out just great. For making sugar cookies, I use the Betty Crocker Sugar Cookie Mix in the bag - there's a version of the directions on the back for making cutout cookies. The applications for this cutter are endless... Mickey grilled cheeses! Mickey fruit cutouts! Mickey shortcakes! Mickey brownies! Mickey ice cream sandwiches! (Ok, you get the idea.) And this one is only $3.95!

I bought mine in the Emporium in the Magic Kingdom, but I know they're also available at Mouse Gears in EPCOT. While you can get them though eBay and other retailers online, they're twice the retail price or even might want to wait until your next trip to get your paws on these cuties.

What are your favorite inexpensive souvenirs?

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