Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Instagram: Disney World Accounts You Need to Follow

Here's a list of my favorites! Click each account name to go directly to their page and follow so you can scroll through the magic each and every day! 

10. disney_nuts

Luis is "just someone who visits Disney too much" as his profile reads. His professional grade photos taken with his Canon T3,T5i capture WDW exactly the way it's meant to be seen. This is the account to follow anytime you want to take a virtual stroll through the Most Magical Place on Earth.

9. disneyworldaily

This IGer enchants her audience with the vivid colors from the photos she finds and reposts from all over WDW. Her daily photos are accompanied by a "question of the day" that keeps her 15.6k followers engaged.

8. disneyworlddelights

The adorable Giana Beverly Austin truly has the heart of a child...and the eye of a world class photographer. Her pictures freeze in time moments that can easily be missed but really capture what Disney is all about. Aptly named, Giana's account is positively "delightful."

7. imagineerinsta

Chase gives us a little bit of everything around Walt Disney World in the colors that dreams are made of. Need another reason to follow him? Let's just say that 50,000 followers can't be wrong.

6. milymainstreet

The words "wistful" and "romantic" come to mind when when scrolling through Emily Bonnet's account. Whether she's snapping pics of WDW, Disneyland, or Disneyland Paris, she show us the magic through the rose colored glasses we all wish we could wear permanently.

5. disney_frump

Kristen Rosso is "a Disney girl frumping through life" and we're oh so lucky to frump along with her. This lovely lady's posts are inspired and inspiring. Kristen's profile tells us that she's going to be in the Disney College Program in 2015... I just can't wait to see all of her adventures to come!

4. itallstartedwithamouse71

It's not hard to see why this is one of my favorites. This IGer is apparently one of the best friends of my #1 pick whose account has a similar feel. I adore her use of ears to frame a shot. I dare you to resist the urge to make every photo on this account your lock screen.

3. sparklynicole

Nicole Siscaretti is queen of all things glitz and glam over at her well-known Disney, beauty, and lifestyle blog SparklyEverAfter.com. Nicole's love of sharing the sunshine via social media is an inspiration to bloggers like me. Her Instagram account is just a little peek into her life... that'll make you want to sit back in the PeopleMover with a Starbucks along side her like you were BFFs. Do yourself a favor and go follow her... and head on over to her website while you're at it.

2. ferdalump

If you're not following little Miss Lane  (her parents really) you are missing out. Her mom, Jennifer, is a talented and creative seamstress who started crafting costumes for Lane when she was just 10 weeks old, and has continued to help her dress up, reportedly to overcome shyness - it's obviously worked because you can tell this little lady loves every second of it! Jennifer scours thrift stores for threads and upcycles any fabric that might work into incredible creations. Lane and her family have been featured everywhere from Today, to E! to Buzzfeed. Click to follow, but be prepared to have your day MADE.

1. takeme2disneyworld & bibbidibobbidibrooke

Two accounts, one awesome person. Brooke, Takeme2disneyworld, is the quintessential Disney girl who whose account showcases the Disney life you wish you had. Her Instagram plays out like the scrapbook of a perfect WDW vacation. Picture of your Magical Express luggage tags? Check. Photo of the most beautiful dessert ever baked? Check. Perfect angle on the Partners Statue? Check. She's known for regularly "shutting down the Magic Kingdom" or being the last soul to leave Main Street for the night. The resulting photos of a serene Cinderella's Castle all tucked in for the night is nothing short of swoon-worthy. Brooke's use of objects and unique perspectives leaves me double tapping for days.

Her other account, BibbidiBobbidiBrooke, showcases her fabulous Etsy account of the same name. Here you can find the most beautiful handmade custom Minnie ear headbands ever. I haven't decided on a pair yet but you can be sure I'll have some BBB ears on for my next trip to Walt Disney World! (And, yes, those ARE Vera Bradley ears!!)

Honorable [Disneyland account] mention:

Disneyland_mermaid - I've never been to Disneyland but if I ever get there, I only hope it will be as dazzling as it looks in Ashley's photos! Absolutely spectacular.

There were so many, it was hard to narrow it down! Who are your favorites?

I do not own any of the photos posted. Credit to each account marked on photo. 

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